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A few important tips you must know...

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  1. AutoPager need rules to make it work. AutoPager will not work any site if there are no rules for that site. You can get the rules on our online repository.
  2. AutoPager lite mode need you to manually enable rules from rules repository. Please switch to normal mode in options if you want to download all rules from the rules repository, or you don't know how to enable rules. Find more for AutoPager modes here.
  3. You can easily create your own rules to tell AutoPager how to load your pages. Please follow our tutorials to create new rules.
  4. Turn AutoPager on/off anytime by clicking the icon on the status bar located at the very bottom right corner of your browser window.
  5. Turn AutoPager on/off on specific sites anytime by clicking Tools->AutoPager->Disable On Site.
  6. Manually load certain pages anytime by clicking Tools->AutoPager->Immediately Load. Or press the shortcuts keys: Control+Alt+ 3,5,0,A for 3, 5,10 or all pages.
Ready to give it try? Just visit any site we supported, such as Google, and answer yes when it ask whether to enable auto paging (AutoPager Icon) and scroll down to see what happens.
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